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Recent Domain Name System Attack Highlights Need for DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC)

World | July 17, 2013

SINGAPORE, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Recent events in the Asia Pacific region have highlighted the urgent need for organizations to better protect their Domain Name System (DNS) servers by implementing DNS security extensions (DNSSEC).( ) Last week, in what might have been a Domain Name System (DNS) cache poisoning attack, domain name servers in Malaysia were compromised to redirect web surfers to a hacker's site.
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As a core network service, DNS connects any device to any website, application or other user. Because of its criticality in connecting users, DNS has increasingly become a hacking target. Malicious users that gain access to a DNS server can alter the DNS record in order to route users to a different IP address that is impersonating a legitimate site. With this, hackers can infect users with harmful malware or steal personal and corporate data.
"DNS security extensions use strong public key cryptography to ensure the validity and authenticity of the DNS response," says Branko Miskov, Director of Product Management at BlueCat. "It lets you know whether or not the DNS information has been altered. In this recent incident, the top level domain was signed under DNSSEC. If customers had been using DNSSEC, their users would never have been redirected because the DNS request would have been deemed invalid. DNS security extensions establish a chain of trust from the domain to the customer."
"Despite the business risks of inadequately secured DNS, many companies have been slow to adopt the DNSSEC security standard due to the added costs and management complexity involved," says BK Lim, Country Manager, Adaptive Netpoleon Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. "BlueCat's DNSSEC security solution removes the barriers to adoption by making DNSSEC simple and straightforward to implement and manage. Customers gain the peace of mind that their business connectivity is secure without any additional IT management burden."
BlueCat( ), the leading provider of intelligent IP Address Management solutions, offers a smart, simple and automated DNSSEC solution. Organizations implementing BlueCat DNSSEC can:
— Centralize key management
— Implement single-click signing policies
— Fully automate key rollover
— Control DNSSEC signed zones from a central location
— Gain visibility and actionable intelligence on all
DNSSEC-related data
— Easily demonstrate compliance during security audits
— Integrate with Thales High Security Modules for key
management for additional security
Security-conscious enterprises, government agencies and service providers trust BlueCat solutions to successfully implement and manage DNSSEC, and prevent potentially devastating security breaches.
To learn more about the BlueCat DNSSEC solution you can request a free software trial at:
About BlueCat
At BlueCat, we believe the explosive growth of connected devices requires a more intelligent network to ensure reliable, secure, always-on application access and connectivity. BlueCat IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions provide a smarter way to connect mobile devices, applications, virtual environments and clouds. With unified mobile security, address management, automation and self-service, BlueCat offers a rich source of network intelligence that can be put into action to protect your network, reduce IT costs and ensure reliable service delivery.
Enterprises and government agencies worldwide trust BlueCat to manage millions of devices and solve real business and IT challenges – from secure, risk-free BYOD to virtualization and cloud automation. Our innovative solutions and expertise enable organizations to build a network infrastructure that is more scalable, reliable and secure, as well as simplify the transition to next-generation technologies including IPv6, DNSSEC, M2M and SDN.
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